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4 Great Venues in D.C. to Visit for Live Music

TABFH 2 We often forget about the strong arts and music culture of the DMV, but I’m here to share 4 great venues in D.C. to chill, eat and perform your amazing music!

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How to Make Your Live Performance Sound Like Your Recordings

TABFH 2 If you are reading this, there is a chance that you fall into one of two categories: You are either reading this because you are relentlessly pursuing that never-ending quest for better tone, or you have realized that your live performances could use a little polishing and are hoping for a pair of fresh ears on the subject. As a full-time live and recording sound engineer as well as a performer, I hope you will find this advice comes from the heart to help you achieve your own vision.

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Debassi Headshot


Debassi writes, “I wanted this album to “change the world” as people say, or at least make people’s blood pump—and possibly curdle—when they think about all the terrible things going on around the world. I wanted it to also make people rejoice in the happiness and excitement that there is to be had, when you […]

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