Smart Ways To Promote Your Music Seamlessly

Smart Ways To Promote Your Music Seamlessly

Smart Ways To Promote Your Music Seamlessly

In recent times, different social media platforms and the internet itself has created several ways to easily promote and market your music. While, all these opportunities to promote music can be too overwhelming for some, however in reality, you can explore your creative side and utilize these outlets and platforms to promote your music through providing some engaging music triviawhile enjoying and having a fun time.

In today’s competitive market, one of the most successful ways to promote your music is to experiment and come up with unique ideas to promote your music. It is equally important that you study your present as well as past promotion strategies and modify it according to current market trends.

Following are some of the best ways you successfully promote and market your music.

  1. Email Marketing

An email list is a great marketing  tool to promote and market your music. Your email list helps to promote your music to your existing fan base. If a fan has signed up for your website’s email list, then it means that they are interested in getting updated about your music. The primary goal of your emails should be to take your audience to your official site or blog, therefore it is better to add links to your site in the mail.

  1. Live Music Concerts

Since everything is going digital and  singers prefer using their social media accounts to interact and sing for their audience, the trend for live concerts and shows are becoming more or less obsolete. Thanks to the internet and various computer softwares, you can easily compose, release, market, promote and perform live session within the comfort of your own workplace. However, interacting with your audience personally is still very important for artists and musicians. During such shows, you can introduce your upcoming album or a song to your audience.  You can even perform with other local musicians of different cities to reach out to new people and expand your fan base. You can even offer such musicians or bands to collaborate and perform at your own home town or cities where you have a stronger fan base. Make sure to collaborate with a band with the same or complementing music style. This exchange of fans will help you to reach out to a wider audience and get more solo shows and concerts in future.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Everybody is on social media these days. In case, you are not active on social media platforms, you could be missing chances of getting brand deals and a lot more. However, it is extremely important to understand that you cannot directly market your music on social media. More than 50% of your posts should be fun and conversational. You need to promote your music within your conversational posts in such a way that it’s not too obvious or boring. You can post short videos of your jamming sessions or even a mini travelogue in case you are out on an international tour. The idea is to keep your fans updated and engaged with all the current happenings in your life.

  1. Maintaining a Website

Just like your social media accounts, you website needs to be regularly updated. It should have news and all the latest happenings about your music career. The main objective is to make your fans visit your site as frequently as possible. Through you website, you fans can learn about  the release of your music albums, launch of new merch, information about upcoming concerts, tours and a lot more.

  1. Music Blogs

Apart from promoting your music in your existing fan base, it is equally important to reach out to new listeners. Another great platform for finding a wider fan base is through music blogs. Bloggers are always on a look out for fresh content for their blogs. Blogs usually have a specific type of fan base and if your music gets covered on a blog, then it is most likely to be viewed by readers who are already a fan of the genre of music that you produce.

Final Word

It is impossible to have a static or fixed strategy to promote your music. You need to keep updating it according to the latest market trends. This process takes time but eventually you become experienced enough to distinguish between those marketing ideas that may or may not work. Make sure to experiment with different marketing methods and strategies instead of sticking to a single marketing idea or technique.


Article written by Ashlie Lopez, guest blog writer for Blue Room Productions.